December 2, 2011

vintage tea party

I know right.. this vintage themed hi-tea reminds us so much of Alice in the Wonderland. I pretty much went ecstatic when I reached.  I did not know where to start - taking photos or start choosing from the charming tiers.

For those who love Skinny Pizza, you can eat to your hearts' content. I did. ;) I particularly love the tea flasks, yuuup you pour your tea out of vintage tea flasks. I love their tea too! The desserts were a delectable spread. My company of friends went and they liked the cheese and spread of bread. I absolutely dig the atmosphere.

I bet some of you will love this place lots too, right Juwind? :) Leaving you with some instagram goodness...

....more photos of my food adventures soon! ;)

1 comment:

小步舞曲 said...

yep! i notice this hi-tea buffet at dempsey online,lovely but yet to try!
i hope i can make it after next year~